Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why I write

I write
not to be remembered after death
or mentioned by the angels who are missed
I don't write stories, I don't write sins
no creatures, no real men
no light but its glimpse
novels with happy and unhappy ends
novels with every single breath
I writeI don't rhyme
I write for a country when it's down
history cries
for a slave when he gets a crown
for he who brought the light
barely alive
creating home altars for the ordinary divine
face more crowds
fears out loud

Monday, August 30, 2010

my blog for PalTweets

Social networks had and still have the most effective way in spreading ideas, information, news, and even expectations, and here our idea has been developed, to tweet for our holy land “Palestine”.

One tweet will have the value for the whole country, since we still have the freedom of speech, expression, and assembly. The freedom of hopes, and again one tweet will have the value for the whole country.

Since we all know that through history many nations have got the liberation from slavery, restraint or from the power of another by legal actions, we still insist on the power of words and social media in spreading awareness worldwide about our issues that aim to get freedom.

Palestine as an occupied country, we need every little effort to reach out our aims, of course through building up our collaborative ways , and these ways including the social media which is a central theme in our project that relies mainly on our tweets, by using twitter we can help our issue, we can spread our aims, our ideas, and our hopes, and to help gathering all these efforts in one path, we have created PalTweets, to gather all tweets for palestine.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

too successful

back then.... We used to look for the gravitational moon to guide our destinations, now we are creeping in uranium mines, are we lost in our own eyes?
back then, the war injured us and we were bleeding, now the war has been ended... Yet in a too successful way...

An empty court in the age of injustice...
barely, barely, barely, holding a breath...
the weapons have been withdrawn...
and the war has been ended, yet in a too successful way...
the war has been ended, and a fuzzy recollection of our bodies......